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Nancy Wurtzel blogs at Dating Dementia ( about her life journey as she makes big changes at midlife.

I’ve questioned her before as to why they don’t consider a home (before he was placed in the rehab last week) and she breaks down and says I don’t get to ask questions since I moved out of their house 6 years ago. He always told me he never wanted to suffer when it was his time. They even asked me to pray for him to “bounce back” which, put lightly, caused me to snap.

Before my dad showed signs of memory loss, Mummy had been the primary caregiver for her own mother who had some form of dementia.

Then, she managed the care of her brother, a lifelong bachelor, who had probable Alzheimer’s.

She has been a therapist volunteer at Bethel since 2001.

Margaret brings to the class extensive training and experience in divorce recovery work, a strong understanding of healthy boundaries as well as a special interest in the art of communication and conflict resolution.

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