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Wu was awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Brunei during the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards in August 2008 organized by the regional think-thank organization, Enterprise Asia.

On one of the interviews that he had, he jokingly said that he was married with three children.

If there are newbies wanting to join us, please don't hesitate! she's my girl” because that will be the end of their most cherished career. Chun: Yah, you're so lucky you got to eat one of my favorite food.. Come on Angels let's keep urging him to marry Ella.

Though on my opinion that's not the only thing we do now when joining. (it is more realistic if the term buddy-buddy or close/best friend means in the context of CLP that “we are not yet ready to reveal the truth”. BTS 1 & 2.25 Nov - HK promotion in Hsinchu.26 Nov - HK promotion in Tainan.27 Nov - HK cast attend "Kang Xi Lai Le", the two kiss because of a mistaken favorite dish.28 Nov - Charity event.01 Dec - HK cast attend "Lian Ai Bai Fen Bai" (aka. Please help me get over of such hyperness of repeating all of your names for my indi replies to you. Didn't actually notice at all that I was visible under the online list. I would be really excited if a big star caught their eye on my art work so congrats to you.

可米製作 Wu Chun, real name Goh Kiat Chun, was born in Brunei of Chinese descent.

He was discovered when he travelled to Taiwan and was asked to become a main character (despite his then-lack of Mandarin fluency) in the Taiwanese drama Tokyo Juliet, with which he shot to fame.

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Or else the two just buy two of everything and give one to the other. I bet you're doing it on purpose to mislead everybody (as if we don't know that you are the SNEAKY KING! ”Part 37 : by lieann~, “I hope you will clarify everything soon. Everyone of us know you are really busy with your shooting and might not have the time to celebrate with her. I don't know but I'm very sure the gift you'll be giving will be very special. Filming and premier of [XIE XIE NI DE WEN ROU] MV, CE act very distant with each other. and oh the picture that Ella posted in her weibo 機車兔!不認真過節!過份credits : since I don't understand anything , I guess I have to wait for Betty or Keleisha to translate briefly what the news said about Chun and also what did Ella say about her rabbit picture .. who knows there maybe some connection between Chun's news and Ella's latest message., but then if the news really said not so nice things about Chun , just include the nice thing that reporter said ... when he said "baby" , could it be that he was also referring to "Baobei" ? there are so many times already Chun dropped hints indirectly that he knows what we've discussed right here and I am absolutely happy with his hints .. Chun's personality wasn't that of a person who would allow such teasing, so he began to tease her back. We know, how busy you are, you will find time to be free on Ella's birthday. Also, CHUN WAS SPOTTED HELPING ELLA BUY SOMETHING ON A STORE. I really wish for her happiness and that Chun will always be there to protect her and when a magazine start another rumor about her Chun can just tell them off and say like leave my girl alone. looks like they been planning to have bayby one in the near future.. do you think it's Chun holding the baby in this pic below ? By the end of filming, the two had become good friends. Full 1, 2, & 3.02 Feb - SHE and FLH attend KKBOX AWARD where CHUN WAS CAUGHT STARING AT ELLA. Just like how Hebe told off Apple Daily during Ren Pa's birthday when they were bugging Ella again. it seems that we're now waiting patiently for the latest MN's BTS to be released and that our beloved CE are still the main lead for the new CF According to a recent article in JP, seems like J wants to make up with his ex again while he answered the question about Ella, "We have kinda bro-sis relationship , then I can't think of her as my girlfriend" don't know if it's true but can be reasonable since Ella has already her fiance Chunnie~! I'm really happy that he liked my fanart.the flip side, feeling a bit sorry since he can't pick up my CE works. the pic : am just guessing that it could be Chun because of the watch (it looks like B&R watch right? In spite of having only one drama together and just a few commercials together with their group, the two are still being linked with each other a lot of times. Because the two are always copying each other, we have dubbed it the Copycat Effect of theirs. I know that you've also seen her performing this song before ... " that you've always heard from ce.cn's CE fans .. Ella's birthday is coming, what's the plan? Ella chooses Chun as her love choice on “The Blackie Show”, saying: "Ah Zun Zun , I miss you so much! They answered like that they are ok but no plan for marriage soon when the media asked about the rumor they broke up. there's also a picture of Chun wearing the "rabbit mask" ? CE Angels are still finding many hints between Chun Ella. They not only copy each others expressions, but also the accessories they have; they have the same sneakers, bags, watches, braclets, rings, etc. For more examples of this, you can check out this site: There are many theories that surround CE. I wish that one of my dream will come true .care of yourself , kay Chun!!! " and kisses his picture.06 Apr - Filming of 7-11 advertisement; Chun, Ella, and Arron. Actually, I don't like Yu very much...yeah, maybe, he recognizes me by the fanarts of CE and of him.. (haha , sorry , I don't know the appropriate term for this item) , and then somehow today Ella also updated her weibo wearing such cute mask too ... is this another co incidence or Ella was teasing Chun right there , I don't know coz I don't understand anything but then I really find both of them are very cute with the rabbit thingy ... yerp , he sure reads the things that we've discussed in our postings....thanks a lot for sharing your conversation about baby and I do believe it somehow encourages him to post up the baby's picture ..ekeke..

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