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Technology is going in the direction of electric cars, not turbo hybrids.

Turbo hybrids are a great step forward, and what F1 did with fuel efficiency in the new regulations is astounding – going faster with 30% less fuel is a great accomplishment.

This is why F1 has been moving towards smaller, more efficient engines in recent years, to try to lure manufacturers who know they’ll have a hard time selling V10s and V8s with new emissions regulations for road cars.

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Even the next-gen Roadster could not keep up, given the tremendous speed differences between top GT sportscars and F1 cars.

Last year, track records were broken on 11 of the 20 tracks the series raced on.

There are small tweaks in engine regulations in the interim, but the next large shakeup is scheduled for 2021.

Once, he floated an idea to install sprinklers on tracks to simulate rain-affected races.

More recently, he’s had several complaints about engine noise – he thinks they need to be louder.

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