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Along with this, he’s spent his life involved in F1 and is often credited with “saving” the series from commercial troubles in the 1970s, so his words still have some weight with the series and in motorsport. He says that he wants F1 to become a “Super Formula E,” and that “the only thing you would miss would be the noise, and I do not believe that people could not come up with something to make, more or less, the old F1 noise.” This statement also comes on the heels of several manufacturers joining Formula E, including Audi who cancelled their highly successful gas-powered Le Mans program to focus on electric racing.Bernie seems to think that this writing is on the wall, and that F1 will need to adapt sooner rather than later lest they see less manufacturer support.Once, he floated an idea to install sprinklers on tracks to simulate rain-affected races.

After almost 40 years of being the CEO of Formula One Group, the commercial rights holder for F1, Bernie was removed from his position early last year as Liberty Media took over the rights for the series, though he still attends races and serves in an advisory position on the board.However, EV technology is advancing at a much faster rate than gas-powered cars are.Formula E cars get significantly more power every year, even though that series is still small and mostly a spec series, with little development happening.There have been several proposed changes for the 2021 season, including changing the way the kinetic energy recovery (regenerative braking) system works, standardizing various parts of the engine, tightening fuel controls to make the cars even more efficient, and allowing them to run at higher rev limits in order to “improve sound.” These changes are not yet set in stone, and it seems like Bernie wants more electricity to be involved, and possibly even fully-electric F1 cars.While Bernie’s words here are certainly welcome, they do need to be taken with a grain of salt.

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