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The Office 365 account is used to log into your mailbox (either in Outlook or in webmail) and other Office 365 services.

It may also be the account that’s associated with your business subscription to Microsoft Office. My Microsoft account is [email protected], with a complex password.

This is a common need, since you may have initially installed the Spira Team database onto the same server and the IIS web server, but now need to move it to a dedicated database server.

To migrate your database, please follow these steps:5.

The link in the phishing email message will take recipients who have clicked on it to a phishing Microsoft Hotmail or Outlook website, where they will be asked to sign-in.

Once the potential victims attempt to sign-in, their email account credentials(usernames and passwords) will be sent to the cyber-criminals behind the phishing scam.

Founders Aaron Boodman and Rafael Weinstein, along with many other members of Attic Labs’ team, previously worked on Google Chrome. Like Git, Noms lets users replicated data and edit it offline on multiple machines, then syncs up the edits.

My Office 365 account is [email protected], with a different complex password. For reasons that will become obvious, Microsoft sometimes distinguishes between a Microsoft account and an organizational account, as in this window that comes up when Office 2013 is first installed: The key is remembering that the two accounts are separate. For , you can install Microsoft Office on up to five devices, a great deal with only one side effect: the term “Office 365” becomes hopelessly muddled for you, because virtually nothing else about Office 365 applies to those consumer accounts.

(You can use the Hotmail or address for email, if you choose, but you don’t have to – you might only use it to log into other services.) The Microsoft account can be used to log into a Windows 8 computer and it gives you access to online file storage with Skydrive, as well as a host of other services. – subscribers to Office 365 business plans have an Office 365 account.

It is an email address and a password; it might be your primary email address, or it might be .

Once you’ve submitted the information, it will be passed to our Address Maintenance Team who will handle your enquiry and respond to you by email within two working days.

Once changes have been confirmed, updates to our address databases may take up to five working days to come into effect.

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