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As we live each day on this earth, we write a chapter in the book of our lives.It is a book filled with stories of happiness, laughter, adventure, danger, sadness, joy, pain, and love.During the last year of her life, she was involved with Damon Dash.Dash did not reveal the relationship until after she died and claimed the pair had plans to marry.What made her so special was that although she was a star, when you met her she made you feel like a star.Babygirl, I will see your smile in every sunrise and feel the warmth of your touch in its rays.God has decided that Aaliyah's book is done, and now she can sit by his side and enjoy flipping through the pages of her life and finally learn the meaning of the mystery we are all still living here on earth.Aaliyah was my little sister, my best friend, my hero, my perfect love.

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Aaliyah brought him on stage with her when she accepted an award at the 2000 Teen Choice Awards.Her brother Rashad Haughton has spoken of their friendship as well. Both denied the relationship and being anything but friends at the time he helped to start her career.Outside of public figures such as herself, Aaliyah claimed to not date very often and in an interview spoke of how little she dated.Additionally, several of those involved with her have revealed aspects of the relationships, speaking fondly about their time with her.This includes longtime collaborators Missy Elliott, Timbaland and Ginuwine. A marriage certificate was produced as evidence of the marriage and it was apparently annulled in February 1995.

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