Who is peter andre dating may 2016

It was there that she met Peter Andre whom she would eventually marry and later divorce.

In 2007, Price hosted the short-lived late-night chat show Katie & Peter: Unleashed with her former husband Peter Andre. Presenters Ant & Dec insinuated during the broadcast that the surprise of Price's return had been ruined by the media.

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Singer Peter Andre and wife Emily Mac Donagh are the latest victims of a picture leak.

In May 2009 they announced that they were separating.

Katie Price gave birth to her first child, son Harvey Price, in Brighton in May 2002. Harvey was found to be blind, having a condition known as septo-optic dysplasia, meaning that the development of his optic nerve was unpredictable.

She had been previously offered to appear on the show.

She conducted a 10-day book-signing tour which helped to propel her to first position in the Nielsen Book Scan hardback sales chart and to sell 97,090 copies in one year; and over 1,000,000 as of January 2007.

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