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The singer signed a contract with Republic Records and keeps recording more music, such as “Too Young” (another popular song).His fans recognize him because of gold teeth and braids in his hair, and this rapper is white. Father: He often says that his father is credited for his long for music because he exposed his son to different genres whilst growing him up."A secret meeting of lords said we have not been convinced and we are going to stop it. "Wright, who will supply the vellum covers, disputed the savings figure provided by the House of Lords and said the savings for the House of Commons will amount to just £23,000 per annum, £7,000 less than the weekly wine bill for the House restaurants and bars.

Malone could teach himself with the help of You Tube videos and was a member of a hardcore band at high school.

Last year the House of Lords took the decision to scrap the centuries-old tradition of printing all new Acts on vellum, citing cost savings of around £80,000 as the reason.

The move, which which originally reported on the story last year, MPs have agreed, at a private meeting of the House of Commons’ administration committee, to compromise and to print only the covers of future parliamentary Acts on vellum and the inside pages on paper.

"Under an 1849 House Resolution, if vellum is to stop being used both houses must agree.

The debate was fascinating, two hours in the House of Commons and at the end of that a majority vote to continue the use of vellum; it was demoracy at work.

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