Who is aubrey plaza dating 2016

Ever since Kendrick broke through to mainstream audiences with a small but amusing part as a squirrelly teen on the sidelines of the supernatural hullabaloo in 2008’s Twilight, she’s had a curious trajectory.

She hates that word — it implies too much calculation — but it’s hard to avoid when you consider that a year later, she was co-starring opposite George Clooney in Up in the Air, a supporting role that earned her an Oscar nomination.

“But I’m not making movies where I’m going to Dubai for six months and flying off a building.” Kendrick proceeds to tell me she attended the L. Film Festival last night to promote this summer’s family drama The Hollars, for which she happily played fourth banana in a cast that includes director John Krasinski and Margo Martindale.

There was very little crossover.” Before moving to L. “There’s no way you can engineer it to be perpetually rising, because nobody knows what’s going to happen,” she says, though, unlike some of her peers, she isn’t seduced by opportunities on TV or Broadway.

“If we’re in the last era where people sit in a cinema and watch movies, I want to be a part of it.” It’s not easy to predict which projects will get her attention.

’ ” Satrapi is the Persepolis writer-director who, in 2014, helmed an out-there black comedy about a serial killer starring Kendrick and Ryan Reynolds that, judging from box-office totals, you didn’t see.

“If it was as simple as saying ‘I’m only going to do projects now that are gonna really reach audiences,’ I would probably do that, but since there’s no formula, you just have to go off of personal joy,” she says.

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