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One of the marine wonders of the world, the Bay of Fundy boasts the world’s highest tides, a distinctly scenic coastline, and one of the North Atlantic’s highest concentrations of whales and seabirds.Humpback, minke, and the rare North Atlantic right whale are amongst the species to be seen here.This truly wild and remote area is criss-crossed with streams heavy with spawning salmon – a magnet for the magnificent grizzly bear. Abundant bird species are present here – from Atlantic puffins to bald eagles – as well as mammals such as moose, black bear and whales.

Facing the Pacific Ocean, backed by Vancouver Island’s mountainous spine, this park preserves the natural heritage of Canada’s west coast, whose cool maritime climate generates an abundance of life on land and in the water.Its estuary, the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, with its huge shoals of plankton and fish, attracts congregations of the elusive blue, minke, fin, and humpback whales, as well as the endangered beluga whale.One of the two largest islands that form the Haida Gwaii, the San Cristobal Mountains form its backbone and rise over 1,200 metres.Canada’s oldest national park, first protected in 1885, Banff National Park is also one of Canada’s most popular.With snow-capped peaks towering over glistening emerald lakes, including the ever photographic Lake Louise, the park is home to iconic wildlife including grizzly and black bears.

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