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At the entrance I paid and left my wallet & keys in a locked box and walked in by the pool. » Read more Home alone to watch the house and pool, when I'm 24 or 25 years old, in the middle of summer? The "annoying" girl turned into the "amazing" girl, but that's our secret.

I was very nervous for two days before my friend from Junior High came to visit me at college.

As I’ve indicated in plenty of posts, yours truly is well overstocked when it comes to good examples of CFNM.

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At this point (early 30s) in her very experienced sexual life, she has not m...

» Read more I can still remember the first spurt from my penis. High, and had been masturbating and having dry orgasms for some time.

I had realised how good I felt rubbing myself and grinding down on my duvet but that's as far as it went and I certainly didn't get as far as an orgasm.

Seeing the boys in the flesh made me feel excited and I always had...

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