Validating surveys reliability validity

The population comprised all 22 442 students entering the University for the first time during the 20 academic years.

Combined Strategy Sampling, followed by cluster sampling was used to obtain a sample of 5 730 students (3 611 in 2011 and 2 119 in 2012), broadly representative of the institutional population.

Die populasie waaruit die steekproef geneem is het bestaan uit al 22 442 studente wat die Universiteit tydens die 2011 en 2012 akademiese jare vir die eerste keer betree het.

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A questionnaire, developed from the literature, comprising 12 ethical statements was used as the survey instrument.

As part of a larger project, the perceptions about academic honesty of first-year students belonging to the millennial generation at a large South African public university were obtained with a view to identifying trends in perceptions between the 20 student cohorts as well as the relationship between student sub-groups and perceptions held about academic honesty.

The present study also sought to validate the findings of the 2011 study.

Die doel van die ondersoek was om tendense in die persepsies van studente wat tussen 2011 en 2012 die universiteit betree het asook die onderlinge verwantskappe tussen verskeie sub-groepe in verband met akademiese eerlikheid te ondersoek.

Die huidige studie het ook gepoog om die bevindinge van die 2011 studie te valideer.

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