Validating a dance specific screening test for balance

The figure below shows the changes in serum triglycerides via 3 different ways of measuring them.

Sniderman and many others would argue (and I agree) that age is a strong predictor of risk has to do with exposure to apo B particles — LDL, Lp(a), and apo B-carrying remnants.

Many of you have asked about this, and my comments have always been the same.

It is entirely plausible that an elevated level of LDL-P or apo B in someone consuming a high-carb diet portends a greater risk than someone on a ketogenic or low-carb diet.

First, there are no long-term studies – either in primary or secondary prevention – examining the exact question we all want to know the answer to with respect to the role of dietary intervention on cardiovascular disease.

There are short-term studies, some of which I will highlight, which look at proxies for cardiovascular disease, but all of the long-term studies (looking at secondary prevention), are either drug studies or multiple intervention studies (e.g., cholesterol-lowering drug(s) blood pressure reducing drug(s) dietary intervention exercise …).

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