Us alcohol tax stamp dating dating men with motorcycles

1965 decals were 3/4" square, Cream with Tan printing, "MINI-ATURE" in circles in UR & LL corners, state seal on mid left & state outline on mid right. By the way, this 1‘ tax is still collected today even though the stamps were discontinued in 1959.

1964 decals were 3/4" square, Cream with Black printing, the word "MINI-ATURE" is in circles in UR & LL corners, state seal on mid left & state outline on mid right. This was really just another way to get an additional 1‘ tax per bottle.1940 stamps were 5/8" x 1 1/8" Red decals; 1‘ in Red box under white state seal; "STATE OF MINNESOTA" across top with silver serial # verticaly up stamp.MISSOURI: Decals Tax stamps were used 1934 to 1949.In 1982, the Federal Tax Seal Strip was again modified when the word "DISTILLED" replaced "TAX PAID" on the bottom left, & the Word "SPIRITS" replaced "DISTILLED SPIRITS" on the bottom right side of the Seal Strip. 1938 tax stamps were 3/4 x 1" 1‘ Orange with Yellow state. 1940 was 3/4" x 1", 1-1/2‘ White decal with Blue printing, an Orange state outline, a Blue state seal on upper right corner, and a wavy line border. In 1968 stamps were 1" x 3/4" Yellow decal tax stamps in the shape of the state with Black printing.Starting November 18, 1989 government health warning labels were required on all liquor bottles sold in the United States. 1941 was 7/8" x 1", 1-1/2‘ White with Green printing, paper postage type stamp with Directors name on bottom. "STATE of IOWA" & "LIQUOR CERTIFICATE" are on the top of the stamp, the state seal is on the mid right side, and an 8 digit serial number is in a White box at the bottom of the stamp. Between 1938-1944, decal tax stamps were 2‘ and were 5/8" x 1" with a rounded top.

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