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"MONTANA" is on top, stape map in middle, state seal under map on left, "LIQIOR CONTROL BOARD" under map on right, with a red 8 digit serial number on bottom.

NORTH DAKOTA: North Dakota did not keep records of when tax stamps were first used, what types of stamps were used, or when they stopped using liquor tax stamps.

1968-1969 was 3/4" square, Cream decal with Tan printing, the state seal in the middle, and the word "MINIATURE" along the bottom. In 1938 "CERTIFICATION" decals were 1-1/8" x 7/8", light Blue, with dark Blue printing.

Except for 1934, one of the following Florida Beverage Director's names appears on Florida tax decals stamps. 1939 stamps were 5/8" x 1 1/8" Orange decals; 2‘ in white box under white state seal; "STATE OF MINNESOTA" across top with silver serial # verticaly up stamp.

1966 -1967 was 3/4" square, Cream decal with Tan printing, the state seal in the middle with palm trees on each side, and the word "MINI-ATURE" in circles in both lower corners. In 1934 stamps were oval and were 3-3/4‘ In 1938 liquor tax stamps were 5/8" x 1-1/8" Olive decals with Black printing; 6-1/4‘; a White state seal in the lower middle; "STATE of MINNESOTA" across the top; and an 8 digit serial number printed in Silver vertically up the stamp. 1938 stamps were 5/16" x 2" light green decals with black print; "STATE OF GEORGIA REVENUE TAX" on top with 1‘ in white box in middle of stamp and state seal in circle at bottom; under seal is commissioners name. 1934 wine mini was in shape of state with purple writing on a white background and has the year indicated on the stamp. Keating)...(1/5/65- 1/1/67 Ren Morris)...(1/4/67-11/25/68 Don D Meiklejohn)...(11/26/68-7/1/69 A. Brautigam) GEORGIA: Some stamps were Yellow 3-1/8‘ tax stamps.1944 was 1‘, Green on White, 1-1/2" x 5/8" with state seal on upper middle, signatures of Treasurer & Liquor Control Supervisor, & a Red 8 digit serial # on the bottom. Mc Mahon)...(1/28/39 - 2/1/40 Walker Pierce)...(2/1/40-7/15/41 C. A 6 digit serial number is printed in Black in the middle of the stamp.State Liquor Control Supervisor's were (1/26/34 - 5/26/37 E. In 1947 stamps were 3/4" x 1-1/8" green on white paper.

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