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The Better Business Bureau (BBB) says scams like these usually require a wire transfer and promise free shipping.The description of the cars is lifted from auto sites, and typically you can Google the vehicle ID number, to determine whether it’s a real deal or a hoax.“They [build] up a huge story about who they are, they are heroes and serving the country,” Grey said. “They are very poetic, they are very savvy,” Grey said.“People fall for the ploy, and some people are sending them money.” Scammers ask for everything from laptop computers to money for airfare so they can fly back to the U. “Luring these women in and they take them for their money.” Victims have been cheated out of up to ,000.But often, the individual or family arrives at the rental property only to find it already occupied.The BBB outlines several tips to protect yourself from becoming a victim of military scams: -- Always research a company with the BBB before you hand over any money or personal information.

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has the most robust and powerful military in the world, and though its fighting men and women can win wars, they often appear defenseless against popular online scams. Service members are targeted by websites that claim to offer special military discounts on everything from cars to apartments for rent. civilians under the same guise of patriotism, Christopher Grey, spokesman for the U. Scammers prey on the victims’ “kindness, patriotism and (sometimes) romance,” which compromises the good name of the military, Grey explained.They lift the descriptions of legitimate rental properties and rewrite the post so it offers a special discount for military members.Depicting a too-good-to-be-true offer, they ask for a security deposit to be wired in advance to ensure their occupancy.Grey cited one case where a woman took out a second mortgage on her home to finance her romantic interest overseas.Protest Scams: Not every online military scam is created for financial gain.

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