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Many buildsystems would break subtly if Gentoo tried to support rebuilding incrementally.And, in many cases, one would have to re-run be rebuilt to see the new values—unless you can somehow figure that certain source files wouldn’t need to be recompiled because they don’t reference a particular C preprocessor macro.Those with unanswered questions should not hesitate to contact the Summer of Code mentors via the mailing list.Excitement is building with FOSDEM 2018 only a few days away.

This year one Gentoo related talk titled If you attend don’t miss out on your opportunity to build the Gentoo web-of-trust by bringing a valid governmental ID, a printed key fingerprint, and various UIDs you want certified.

In addition to updating the Change Log, echangelog will automatically update the copyright year of all out-of-date ebuilds, as well as the Change Log itself.

These updates are included in the diff displayed by echangelog when it finishes its work.

*metalog-0.1 () " As of the most recent version of echangelog (when this man-page appeared), echangelog puts all new entries at the top of the file instead of finding the appropriate *version line within the file.

This is because that "new" Change Log format was never agreed upon by the Gentoo developers.

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