Updating fedora 4

But some of the important changes/additions are that the Writer and Calc have improvised a lot as you have enhanced support for and files in the Libre Office Writer There are other many notable changes and enhancements including enhanced support for Windows 7 and fedora 27 allows you to create bootable SD cards to boot Raspberry devices.Fedora 27 also brings in the latest version of 8 along with a preview of Java 9 tech.So working with documents, presentations and spreadsheets are much easier now.Libre Office 5.4 itself has a lot of new features in itself, which can be seen .updating will not only keep you secure, but will also come with performance and stability improvements.

See instructions below for details.) These instructions will show you how to upgrade the standard Fedora 23 Template VM to Fedora 24.

The same general procedure may be used to upgrade any template based on the standard Fedora 23 template.

Note: The command-line prompt on each line indicates where each command should be entered ( [[email protected] ~]$ qvm-clone fedora-23-minimal fedora-24-minimal [[email protected] ~]$ qvm-run -a fedora-24-minimal xterm [[email protected] ~]$ su - [[email protected] ~]# dnf clean all [[email protected] ~]# dnf --releasever=24 distro-sync (Shut down Template VM by any normal means.) [[email protected] ~]$ qvm-trim-template fedora-24-minimal (If you encounter insufficient space issues, you may need to use the methods described for the standard template above.) The procedure for upgrading the minimal template (or any template based on the minimal template) is the same as the procedure for the standard template above, with the following exceptions: mount option works on the Template VM’s root filesystem, so when a file is removed in the template, space is not freed in dom0.

If you are already using Fedora 26, then you can easily upgrade to Fedora 27 either using the command-line method or through the GUI upgrade system.

Let’s see how to upgrade from Fedora 26 to Fedora 27 workstation using both methods in detail below: If you want to instantly upgrade from Fedora 26 to Fedora 27 workstation without any wait, then you definitely need to go by the graphical user interface (GUI) method.

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