Updating catalogs

When you roll back, machines in the catalog are rolled back to the last working image.Any new features that require the newer image will no longer be available.As with the rollout, rolling back a machine includes a restart.The rollback is applied only to machines that need to be reverted.To reduce the amount of information you have to deal with, Moto Calc comes with a database of motors, cell types, gearboxes and propellers, speed controls, and filters.For example, the database contains over 3100 motors (including the Actro, Astro, Aveox, AXI, Graupner, Hacker, Jeti, Kontronik, Kyosho, Max Cim, Plettenberg, Scorpion, and Turnigy lines), and 250 different cell types.

For details, see the Provisioning Services documentation.

You can add or remove machines from a machine catalog, as well as rename, change the description, or manage a catalog's Active Directory computer accounts.

Maintaining catalogs can also include making sure each machine has the latest OS updates, anti-virus software updates, operating system upgrades, or configuration changes.

Updating the image on the next shutdown is provided when you are using the Citrix Connector for System Center Configuration Manager.

If you choose to update the image immediately, configure a distribution time and notifications.

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