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These particular solutions all spring from the lyrics of Pistol Annies' poignant song: "Unhappily Married" Must be mistaking me with the maid we don't have Can't even wash your whiskey out your glass I gave you no loving in a month or so Can't live with you but I can't let you go You better start working some overtime Can't buy high heels on nickels and dimes You're going bald and I'm getting fat I hate your mum and you hate my dad I'll cook your dinner if you wash my car May as well keep going, hell we made it this far We'll both play our parts in this disaster I'll be the bitch and you'll be the bastard Hey hey, it's alright Everybody fusses, everybody fights With all of the baggage you and me carry We'll spend forever unhappily married We'll spend forever unhappily married We'll spend forever unhappily married Can I get an amen?

So here’s my suggestions for 10 options beyond divorce for those who choose to stay instead of separating.

About 20% though, which is one out of every five couples, ranked themselves as unhappily married. Yet many of these unhappy spouses do not want their potential reasons for divorce to cause them to go their separate ways. It also includes smiles, appreciation, agreeing with something your partner has said, playful comments, laughing together, doing something fun together ….

Something—be it fears, guilt or loveho—holds them together, or at least holds them back from separating. If you both aim to give at least loving messages a day, lots would change very quickly.

As I will suggest in the bottom part of this article, the song includes much remarkably good advice about how to procede. #5: Share why “I can’t live without you.” Focus on what you like about being married and especially about being married to your spouse. Be sure might do to add to the family bank account.

First though, why do unhappy couples stay together? The Slater & Gordon study of "unhappily marrieds" listed the top 10 reasons that couples stay together long after the love has languished. It’s up to your spouse to get creative about his/her potential new ways to increase the pot.

#7: “You’re going bald and I’m getting fat.” Design activities you can do together to watch your health and to exercise together. Even a walk together after dinner every night, with or without the kids, can be good for you. The words to this heartfelt country song suggest a surprisingly full plan for launching better times. Address the problem of ”mistaking me for the maid we don’t have.” Schedule a “business meeting” with your spouse. Alcohol and other drugs are one of the three main causes of divorce. Feeling too old to walk away and start a new relationship. Amen Here's 10 ways these lyrics can guide positive marriage upgrades.D, a graduate of Harvard and NYU, is author of Power of Two, a book, a workbook, and a website that teach the communication skills that sustain positive relationships.Click here for a free Power of Two relationship test. Unhappy people will tell a researcher that they are happy when they're not.

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