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The words to this heartfelt country song suggest a surprisingly full plan for launching better times. Address the problem of ”mistaking me for the maid we don’t have.” Schedule a “business meeting” with your spouse. Alcohol and other drugs are one of the three main causes of divorce. Feeling too old to walk away and start a new relationship. Amen Here's 10 ways these lyrics can guide positive marriage upgrades.About 20% though, which is one out of every five couples, ranked themselves as unhappily married. Yet many of these unhappy spouses do not want their potential reasons for divorce to cause them to go their separate ways. It also includes smiles, appreciation, agreeing with something your partner has said, playful comments, laughing together, doing something fun together ….Something—be it fears, guilt or loveho—holds them together, or at least holds them back from separating. If you both aim to give at least loving messages a day, lots would change very quickly.In fact, multiple studies have shown that for many couples even long stretches of marriage problems eventually give way to good times.By the time the nest is empty, most couples are very glad that they stayed in the saddle to ride over the rough spots.

So here’s my suggestions for 10 options beyond divorce for those who choose to stay instead of separating.

Not only that, but we don’t expect anyone to wash and cook for us.

A modern-day single man can relish the fact that he no longer needs to get married to have regular sex — but he hates the idea of having to look after himself.

If you are in one of these marriages, can you fake your way to a happier marriage? If you begin by making nice gestures like talking in a friendly way, smiling more, and expressing gratitude and appreciation to your spouse at least three times a day, that would launch a good start. #4: Explain, in a gentle way, why “I can’t live with you…” Share with each other the three main difficulties each of you have in living with your loved one.

For a map of the next steps, listen to the song from country singer Pistol Annies called "Unhappily Married" (To listen, click here). Sometimes it’s helpful for you each to write them down, let the other read your concern, and then talk quietly about it. Can’t buy heels on nickles and dimes.” Brainstorm together on ideas for increasing the money in your household.

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