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It is also the medium of choice for the oldest printed book, the printed in 868 AD during the Tang Dynasty.

The other type of printing is the predecessor of typesetting, called movable type. It began as a theory by Chinese scientist, Shen Kuo during the Song Dynasty in 1088 AD.

Most positions are from Shanghai, but you can also find opportunities in Beijing, Guangzhou and other China cities. Matchdragon (in English) Matchdragon is a powerful platform for both job seekers.

Job seekers can build and post resumés onto the site, and it is totally free.

Its job board provides lots of job opportunities for expats/foreigners and bilingual Chinese in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc.

The site also offers info such as housing, business opportunity and anything else. Careerengine (in English) Career Engine isn’t the biggest job board for foreign expats, but it really provides a good variety of job opportunities from reputable employers in China.

It allows job hunters to create create account and resume, search job by category, location and other conditions.

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Let us help you to find the special someone for you, either casual or serious.It offers a wealth of services to both job seekers and employers in the fields of recruitment, training, HR assessment and other human resources-related areas. Chinahr (in Chinese) is a recruitment website under the world-famous recruitment network Saongroup.China HR provides job seekers with lots of job information, well-matched positions, and online occupational guidances.A national currency was introduced in the 11 century using another Chinese original, woodblock printing.The Chinese initially developed two types of printing: woodblock printing and movable type.

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