Teen american sex

Participants no longer at their original school were surveyed at an alternate time and location.For the current study, only time 2 data were analyzed because the sexting items did not appear in the time 1 survey.More than half (57%) had been asked to send a sext, with most being bothered by having been asked.Adolescents who engaged in sexting behaviors were more likely to have begun dating and to have had sex than those who did not sext (all Sexting (a combination of the words sex and texting), the practice of electronically sending sexually explicit images or messages from one person to another, has received an abundance of attention in the popular press.

Considering the media attention and potential public health implications, it is surprising that research on this topic has been slow to develop.

Participants A total of 948 public high school students (55.9% female) participated.

The sample consisted of African American (26.6%), white (30.3%), Hispanic (31.7%), Asian (3.4%), and mixed/other (8.0%) teens.

Research has shown that households with landlines tend to be less ethnically diverse, have higher socioeconomic status, and be more conservative compared with households relying solely on cell phone service.

study were 73% white, 78% lived in a 2-parent household, and 30% lived in households with an annual income of 0 000 or greater.

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