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At home, make a commitment to establish a positive environment.

Looking for progress in recovery instead of ways in which a relationship is not succeeding can improve how people feel about each other.

Back to top Therapy can give couples support and ideas to improve their specific situations.

Different types of counseling are available, including individual counseling for either the survivor or partner, couples counseling, or family therapy.

These groups can help couples establish new friendships, find local information and resources, and provide time apart from their partner for reflection.

When local support groups are unavailable, try Web-based chat groups and support communities.

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Survivors are often surprised by how these changes also mean that they will feel and behave differently in their relationships.

For example, a husband may make decisions about child care that his wife usually makes, or a wife may calm the family when everyone is upset, although that is something her husband has always done.

Back to top Communication is the foundation of a relationship.

After brain injury, the challenge of recovery nearly always results in some changes to the roles within a family.

While the person with TBI is in the hospital, their partner may need to make decisions that are usually made by the survivor.

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