Speed dating literary agents

There’s no point talking to a publisher looking for YA if you’ve got a gritty adult thriller. As for me, I had speed dates with two publishers: one requested my novel and one said they would get back to me after talking to their colleagues.

Know what your literary dates are looking for but also what you want from an agent/publisher. The first date went really smoothly and felt like we had a great rapport.

Marilyn Allen and her partner Coleen O’Shea run a boutique agency focused on core non-fiction projects. I wrote and published several newsletters for scientific groups over the years, and more recently, wrote on several blogs dealing with science and Abraham Lincoln.

You have probably 15 seconds to make a lasting first impression. A mere few minutes to captivate, inspire and intrigue…

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His personality struck me as a bit too bubbly, his interest just a bit too saccharine.

The point became moot when I met with the second agent. School papers were usually well received by teachers from grade school all the way through graduate work (my writing had “flow”).

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