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The colors are typical to gothic design and the arches are meant to direct your gaze to the heavens (St. Additionally, the church references its German roots with the leaf and acorn depiction that can be found in the pillars near the altar. Additionally, the church contains stained glass depicting various scenes with Jesus, Mary and Joseph as well as martyrs.

It is supposed to serve as a reminder of its Redemptorist history and German homeland. There are approximately 50 rows of pews set in 4 different columns all made of dark wood that are separated by the gold pillars. Alphonsus began to see a large change in the demographic population of Lakeview in the 1980s.

Many suggest that this decline can be attributed to the lack of revision regarding the Catholic Church’s stance on modern day social issues.

Specifically, the same poll suggests that nearly 70% disagree with the Catholic Church on the use of contraceptives and the consequences of being a divorced or remarried Catholic.

The altar is composed of Italian marble and includes depictions of St. The back of the church is composed mainly of the large organ that was inaugurated in 1988 (St. Around this time, the Hispanic population in the area experienced exponential growth.

Because of this, Chicago has always had a steady and large population of Catholics.Later in 1989, construction began for the new church building just as Lakeview was being incorporated into the city of Chicago.The church building that can be seen today is the same building that was a product of this expansion. Alphonsus church was completed in 1896 in traditional gothic design.Upon entering the church, the first thing that one will take note of is its ceiling.It contains high arches pointing to the epicenter of the ceiling and is decorated in royal blue and gold. Alphonsus is the only Catholic church in Chicago to offer monthly mass in German.

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