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But, make the reward random and people have a very hard time stopping. Do you know what the average # of text messages a 13-17 year old teenage girl sends and receives every month? The Slow Tech folks ask the question – can we alter the purpose of lifestyle technologies to focus on alternative aims? That people are going to be even more distracted, even more unable to pay attention to things for any length of time.

Some pulls are nothing, some pulls give you a little, and occasionally, you get a jackpot. Perhaps aims that are about making real connections with the people around us, fostering real understanding and deepening relationships with one another.

**The number of attackers recorded in the mental health variable exceeds the total 41 attackers because individuals were recorded in every profile that applied to them.

***Violent behavior was exhibited in 24 individuals, the number of attackers recorded for this variable exceeds 24 because individuals were recorded in every profile that applied to them.

Data were collected from 37 incidents with a sample size of n=41 attackers in 26 states between 19.

*Academic performance was only available for 34 individuals.

Incidents that involve four or more deaths are also categorized as mass shootings.

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A school shooting is an attack at an educational institution, such as a school or university, involving the use of a firearm(s).

A crisis of attention I want to ask people a simple question: are you happy with your relationship with your phone. I don’t think I have a healthy relationship with mine. If I let it, it easily fills up those gaps in my day—some gaps of boredom, some of solitude.

I feel a constant need to pull it out – to check email, to text, to see if there is something interesting happening RIGHT NOW. [show the 2 slides on ‘phone addiction’ and ‘35% look before getting out of bed’]. Look at how internet access has changed since smart phones came into being (and this data is a year old, so I’m certain it’s even more in this direction).

In the pre-smartphone era we accessed the internet roughly five times per day, in longer chunks.

Today, with smartphones, we’re accessing it 27 times a day.

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