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Siri A ‘mother’ of self-learning chatbots, Apple’s Siri was launched in 2011.

It was the first scalable assistant with recognition of speech and ability to learn by observing users.

The ability to get the context is called natural language understanding, or NLU.

NLU is considered an AI-hard problem, meaning that a part of the process should be still done by the humans.

A bot called Rose (developed by Bruce Wilcox), the 2015 winner of Loebner Prize, is so highly appreciated because it recognizes idioms and initiates conversations.

This ability is a result of a prolonged testing and considerable human input.

In our previous article on chatbots, it was stated that one does not simply create a chatbot.

Artificial intelligence still poses too many challenges to go about building bots without sufficient research.

Its new version lets users query using both voice and text.

Fernando Pereira, Google’s head of NLU projects, claims that the bot will soon be implicitly learning rather than taught.

This set of ideas and practices is often referred to as ‘The Transition.’ Alexa Alexa is a smart home virtual agent.

Luvo This artificial intelligence chatbot was launched in December 2016 to help the clients of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).

Nexus team is reported to have been creating Luvo’s personality for nearly half a year.

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