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However, her online fans didn’t seem to mind the ick; in fact, many of them relished it.Some fans reported that their mouths inexplicably watered when they saw a particularly juicy pop; others claimed that they found the videos so soothing that they used them as a sleep aid. But I’ve realized you strange people are not alone — there are many of you!She became fascinated by why certain of her posts were shared more than others.Her face — with its immaculate skin, white-white teeth, little nose, and big eyes — naturally lent itself to selfies.As Lee was inspecting him, she noted that his nose practically bristled with blackheads. If he allowed her to squeeze the blackheads from his nose and film it, she would perform the procedure for free. To protect his anonymity, she referred to him only as “Mr.Wilson,” after his resemblance to Walter Matthau’s character in the film Dennis the Menace.

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Lee, like most dermatologists, had never spent much time removing blackheads and whiteheads.

Sometimes multiple strings would appear simultaneously, like Parmesan cheese run through a rasp.

“So gross but I can’t look away,” remarked one commenter.

On Wednesday, Lee also shared a candid photo of her pet bird Halo apparently trying to join her at work.

“As I leave for the set to shoot, Halo jumps in my bag and wants to go too!

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