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When she heard from Aponitsa that her husband had been slain, she was seized with grief, and threw herself from the window with the child in her arms. We made an impassioned, energetic, and action-packed film – an incredibly tender, awe-inspiring tale of indomitable courage, said Dzhanik Fayziev, general producer at Russia’s Film Studio KIT.

Dzhanik Fayziev said the film blends history with the present day and fantasy with realism to tell an emotional story of simple folk who become true heroes when burdened with unanticipated circumstances.

The Russian cinematographic agency Roskino revealed the names that he will show this year at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2017, including first looks at Central Partnership’s fantasy Furious and war film T-34.

Well Go USA has acquired North American rights to the Russian historical action epic Furious, which is being sold in Berlin by Central Partnership, French-speaking countries (Acteurs Auteurs Associes), Spain (Mediaset).

“We were ahead of all other world companies in mass producing color plasma panels,” Orlov said.

We were able to get Daewoo interested and convince them that we could create a TV.

And the Great Prince decided to send his son, Fedor Yurevich, to Batu with many gifts and supplications that he not invade the land of Riazan... And Batu began to entertain the Riazan Princes, and after this entertainment asked that they send their sisters and daughters to be his concubines.

And one envious Riazan courtier told Batu that the wife of Prince Fedor belonged to the Byzantine imperial family and that she had a most beautiful body.

We are proud that a world-class musician agreed to work on our film. I am certain that our cooperation will last longer than this movie and hope that there many joint projects ahead, said general director of GPM KIT Rafael Minasbekyan.

Legenda o Kolovrate), is a 2017 Russian historical fantasy film about the Ryazan knight Evpaty Kolovrat, It is directed by Ivan Shurkhovetskiy and stars newcomer Ilya Malakov, Polina Chernyshova, Aleksei Serebryakov, Aleksandr Ilyin Jr. Film is based on the period when Russia was under control of the Golden Horde.

Ryazan knight Evpaty Kolovrat is the leader of the squad, which decides to fight back khan Batu, who divided Russia.

For years I contemplated to compose for a film with epic musical proportions utilizing big orchestral, crazy rock and moving ethnic elements. I am extremely proud of my work on this film", said Tankian.

Dzhanik Fayziev, film director and producer, commented, "Serj Tankian is probably the only musician in the world who can combine modern rhythms and ultimatum tenderness in his work.

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