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To the two other young actors that play Randall, to Lonnie [Chavis] and Niles [Fitch], thank you for making the work so easy and so seamless.

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Onstage, before declaring the winner, she insisted she should get to read it if it were Sterling, ''Cause he's black!Sterling was sure to point out that 'they look nice' there, and Ryan, who married him in 2007, assured Giuliana that that 'They're in cases.'Earlier this month, Sterling won Best Actor In A Drama TV Series for This Is Us.He confided in Giuliana: 'I only knew a couple of days beforehand that I was the first African American to win that particular award.'The fact of it - particularly since this year's Golden Globes were the 75th in the award show's history - 'kind of blew my mind.'He also shared that among the flood of kudos texts when he won the prize was one from from Oprah Winfrey herself.While on the red carpet, Sterling and Ryan were interviewed by Giuliana Rancic of E!, who brought up his formidable collection of awards.'They're all in the garage, but the garage is like a furnished living space,' he revealed.

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