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For many people across the globe, being a student is equal to always being pressed for money.A Norwegian website has come up with a simple, yet dubious solution, one that's sparked a blistering debate in the country. " the message seen on posters across the Norwegian capital Oslo said, encouraging female students to become "sugar babies" and date "experienced" men.This is a religious Islamic marriage ceremony in which a marriage contract is agreed upon. 4 01 2008 - According to UNICEF, 57 percent of Afghan marriages involve girls under 16. The general pattern is to marry kin, although families try to diversify their social assets through marriage . In Afghanistan , opportunities to meet are rare since young people don't get the chance.

I believe this ad would raise eyebrows even in the 50s with its attitudes towards women in those days," Elisabeth Lier Haugseth said, venturing that the ad may be considered unethical and gender-discriminatory.

In the worst case, it might be even referred to the police as pimping.

While sugar dating as such has surely been around for centuries, with rich men patronizing younger women and lavishing their money on them in exchange for their company and possible sexual favors, the advent of the Internet has taken this phenomenon to a whole different level.

it's considered dishonorable for families for daughters to meet and date boys. An Afghani man sits in the rubble of Kabul, Afghanistan in 1995. Apply themselves to something and beginning of intimate .

9 04 2006 - Love, sex, dating, and marriage are complicated issues in every society. Arranged marriages , however, are the custom among all classes of Afghans ..

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