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Since I am of the female variety, I am probably not at all qualified to answer this, however, I'm sorry - how can I not? If it is for sensitivity reasons, once nerve endings die they tend not to come back.If it's for cosmectic reasons, again, not sure what you'd gain from it.To achieve this, the laboratory calls upon the most sophisticated and innovating scientific techniques.The Brussels Art Laboratory is able to answer the request of a wide clientele including private collectors, antique dealers, fairs of antiques, museums, courts of justice, customs and the CITES (International Convention for dying species).Founded in 1975 by Patrick Laycock, art historian, expert of international renown and previously member of the Belgian Chamber for Experts in Works of Art, the Brussels Art Laboratory is the oldest private laboratory dedicated to the expertise, the analysis, the dating and the authentication of art objects from all origins and periods.The aims of the laboratory is to offer to its customers certificates which present conclusions based on objective elements and not only on experience and feeling.

I know I saw a tv show talking about it like 2 years, there seems to be more and more doing it. It can always harbor bacteria, if not take care of. I'm still in the process of trying to restore, it's been over three years now since I first knew of the idea of restoring foreskin.

Not only would it inevitably be painful, but it'd be pretty pointless. One question that seems important....where are you comfortable losing the tissue that will be needed for the reconstruction.

Making a scarred area to make another scarred area with no clinical/medical benefits. Do what you want but make sure your donor card is properly endorsed.

I wouldn't recommend doing this unless you are the type to follow through on projects, not easily discouraged, etc.

I feel it wasn't in my parents' rights to decide to have my foreskin surgically removed.

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