Radgrid not updating database

You need a full blown SQL server to get the profiler.

I have created a Rad Controls Web Application for my experiments. NET AJAX suite, you will get project templates in Visual Studio, using which you can create a web application.

So they were thinking that paging is happening correctly but still why is the add new row scenario slow.

So this made me to delve little bit deeper into what exactly is happening in this scenario.

Clicking on a link in the grid row will open a popup form that allows the data to be edited, clicking update will update the underlying data table and update the grid using AJAX.

Second was to use entity data source instead of SQL data source and look at the query executed at the DB. If not, you can always download from our products page –

For my experiments I am using Northwind Database and in particular Order Details table. So this makes a good candidate to mimic a scenario where you are paging the Rad Grid lets say 10 records per page. You will need that if you want to follow along with this post.

Since I don't believe that ASPX pages are an appropriate place to be sprinkling SQL around, I put together this brief example of how to use a Form Template for editing, but keep the data-tweaking in code-behind where it belongs. In the Rad Grid tag, declare a handler for the On Update Command event. Declare an Edit Form Settings section and make sure you set its Edit Form Type to "Template" or you will get the baked in auto-form.

Inside of the Form Template tag, put whatever you need in terms of a editing form.

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