Queen noor dating photos

The King, who was still mourning the loss of his third wife, Alia, who had died that year in a helicopter crash, took great interest in the airport which was named in her honor.

After their first meeting, King Hussein and Halaby became friends, and by 1978, their friendship had evolved into a romance.

However, as a young widowed queen, she had to redefine her role and position in the Arab world.

After the death of King Hussein, Noor founded the King Hussein Foundation and the King Hussein Foundation International (KHFI) in 1999.

Although the Jordanian people expressed discomfort about King Hussein's choice of a non Arab-Muslim bride, they soon warmed to the union when they witnessed Queen Noor's genuine interest and commitment to Jordan and her conversion to the Islamic religion.

She also served on several international boards devoted to the promotion of peace, positive educational and cultural development, and preservation of wildlife and natural resources.

Queen Noor's involvement in the political arena has been decidedly behind the scenes due to her American birth although she had relinquished her United States citizenship when she married King Hussein.

In 1972, after taking a break from academics to waitress, ski, and study photography in Aspen, Colorado, Lisa returned to Princeton and took up her study of architecture and urban planning with a renewed vigor and drive.

After her graduation in 1973, she flew to Australia and worked for an architectural firm that specialized in the design of new towns.

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