Principle of map updating

One technique supported by most of the major database management system (DBMS) products is the partitioning of large tables, based on ranges of values in a key field.In this manner, the database can be scaled out across a cluster of separate database servers.

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For specialized applications, No SQL architectures such as Google's Bigtable can further enhance scalability.In the past, the price difference between the two models has favored "scale up" computing for those applications that fit its paradigm, but recent advances in virtualization technology have blurred that advantage, since deploying a new virtual system over a hypervisor (where possible) is often less expensive than actually buying and installing a real one.Configuring an existing idle system has always been less expensive than buying, installing, and configuring a new one, regardless of the model.Scalability refers to the ability of a site to increase in size as demand warrants.The concept of scalability is desirable in technology as well as business settings.

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