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It should be noted that the “oral phrases” may be specific to a general type of non-realtime messaging system (e.g., a message paging system), to a particular non-realtime messaging system implementation (e.g., an intra-network e-mail system specific to a freight delivery company), or to both.

[0009] An illustrative embodiment of a non-realtime messaging system in accord with the principles of the present invention is a suitably arranged message paging system.

The principles of the present invention introduce non-realtime messaging systems (and controllers for use therewith) that are capable of converting received oral messages from callers into at least substantially equivalent text messages for transmission to subscribers thereof.

This may be accomplished by processing the received oral messages using data patterns representing oral phrases specific to non-realtime messaging systems.

[0001] The present invention is directed, in general, to wireless communication systems and methods of operating the same, and, in particular, to non-realtime communication systems for converting voice messages to text messages and subsequent transmission of the same.

[0002] The ever increasing availability and popularity of wireless communication can be linked to technological gains that have provided more efficient, reliable and cost-effective mobile devices, such as message pagers, wireless telephones and personal communication services (“PCS”) devices, as examples.

[0010] For instance, assume that a freight delivery company subscribes to a suitably arranged message paging system and each of its drivers carries a conventional alphanumeric message pager.

A dispatcher for the freight delivery company calls the message paging system and records the following oral message for a particular driver—a subscriber—“Call home, its not an emergency.

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The generated text messages are then transmitted by the messaging controller to the subscribers for whom the received oral messages where intended.The message paging system includes each of a messaging controller, a data repository and a translating controller.Collectively, these controllers are capable of converting oral messages received from callers into substantially equivalent text messages.The messaging controller is capable of receiving oral messages from callers into the message paging system and transmitting text messages to message pagers used by subscribers of the system.The data repository is capable of storing data patterns that represent oral phrases specific to the message paging system.

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