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To be acceptable, the speech recognition system must rapidly and accurately recognize a wide range of words and phrases (a vocabulary), such as the thousands words and phrase used by callers into message paging systems.

in current speech recognition systems, as the vocabulary that can be recognized increases, the speed and accuracy are reduced, as the speech recognition system must search through more possibilities, and the number of similar-sounding words and phrases increases.

At some point during this interaction, the caller is asked whether he wishes to leave a “text” (alphanumeric) or voice (e.g., voice mail, voice message page, etc.) message.

A suitable speech recognition system will automate, at least in part, the foregoing dictation process, that not only will translate voice to text for delivery of voice messages to text pagers, but allow file based automated processing of messages.The processing means uses data patterns representing oral phrases specific to the non-realtime messaging system.The phrase “specific to,” as it is used herein, means to be peculiar to or characteristic of the particular messaging system (discussed in detail hereafter); analogous phrases include particular to, distinct to, unique to, common to, native to, and the like.[0003] The selection of one mobile device over another is usually the result of a simple cost benefit analysis—the cost of a particular mobile device, the anticipated life span for that device, the usefulness of the various services that can be subscribed to using the device, etc.Message paging subscribers, for instance, demand powerful and sophisticated features (e.g., voice mail, e-mail, wide area paging, out of area roaming, voice messaging, voice response, etc.) that often conflict with the physical restrictions of minimized size and increased battery life—the size of conventional pagers makes it difficult to incorporate advanced features requiring interaction with the subscriber (e.g., integration of control switches/keypads into message pager).

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