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There's been a witty London stranger and a banker in Mexico City.A physician in West Palm Beach and computer wonks from South Jersey to Zurich.But that was before I went online last year -- before I discovered cyberdating.Since then, it's been Allan in Toronto, Larry in Brooklyn and Mark in Phoenix.

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He began his career performing stand-up comedy during his teenage years.

Both of us went on to Ivy League graduate schools -- he to Yale, me to Brown. C., and Center City, Philadelphia, at various times.

Phil went to Canada to teach at Mc Gill University and then started his own business as a computer consultant.

The transition from anonymous e-mail to the more immediate presence of the telephone was a bit unnerving. My friend George said he hoped the reunion would be enjoyable, but what if it was? He neglected to tell me he had shed the amorphous beard and nerdy glasses since college.

Over dinner, we chatted about our jobs, families, dating history.

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