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We began a rapid succession of e-mails, filling each other in on the missing 22 years.Our paths had taken similar turns so there was a certain postmodern poetry about it.All met through the Jewish Singles Forum on Compuserve. While in more earthly venues I'm reserved and sometimes shy, sitting in front of a monitor brings out my anima, the femme fatale within. The verbal finesse of a practiced writer is hard to resist online.During a live computer chat, you exchange private one-on-one banter as your partner's responses roll down the screen.

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To me, hardware is hammers and nails, and a laptop is where you sit a child."If Superbad were remade as a gimmicky Nickelodeon movie, it would probably look something like Drillbit Taylor" Josh Bell wrote in the Las Vegas Weekly.After Apatow insisted that he would work better in real life situations, the two agreed on the accidental pregnancy concept of this production.After that, though, there was no more mention of Phil. "My mother responded predictably that she'd like having a son-in-law from Yale. I can't believe my own mother is not worried they could be ax murderers.Soon after we renewed our relationship online, Phil phoned to tell me that he would be visiting his sister in nearby Cherry Hill, N. He'd be driving from Canada and promised to phone when he got here."It's about time you called after 22 years," I teased, concealing surprise that his voice was unfamiliar. I also have e-mail pen pals from Cornell and Harvard, I added coolly. "So ask them to meet you at our house." As if a blind date from the cyber-heavens isn't weird enough without having your parents watching. After half a lifetime, I nearly didn't recognize my date.

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