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Any attempt by the EU to treat Northern Ireland differently to the rest of the UK will be resisted by the Government and rejected outright by the DUP, Theresa May's allies in Northern Ireland.The UK's preferred options for an open border controlled under a free trade agreement and using technology will not be set out in the draft treaty.Mr Johnson said he disagreed 'very strongly' with Sir Martin 'of the Brussels commission', arguing that there is an 'insatiable' market for UK services outside the EU.He rejected reports that the EU is set to demand the European Court of Justice is the ultimate arbiter in treaty-related disputes as it would not amount to 'taking back control'.

that we want a different solution.''As you will recall the PM said very clearly in December...the best way to solve the problem.' EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier made clear the terms of the divorce deal had to be laid out before any further progress could be made.'We cannot leave the Irish question pending,' he told a press conference in Brussels.The PM's spokesman said: 'The Foreign Secretary was making a comparison to demonstrate the overall approach.'110 million people cross the border annually and will continue living their lives as before.'He was not offering a technical solution.'During the frenzied divorce talks in December, Theresa May committed to keeping enough alignment with EU rules to avoid a soft border as a 'backstop' if no other solution could be found.The Irish border is one of the trickiest questions abound up in the Brexit negotiations.Currently the UK and Ireland are both in the EU so there is freedom of movement and goods and no hard border there - which help to underpin the Good Friday Agreement which brokered peace.

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