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Of course, this topic is notoriously difficult and can lead to much unverifiable speculation.Lestrade (talk) , 17 December 2009 (UTC)Lestrade I met Haakon at my Garnamoher;s house at 1520 willardd st."was an idiot" is just too short for the article to retain both context and summary style.Oppenheimer uttered the phrase while being questioned about Chevalier; he called himself an 'idiot' to have indulged in replication of the cloak-and-dagger secrecy he had seen all around him when originally keeping Chevalier's name secret and substituting the alias Eltenton.Same goes for the other quote, and the sentences that surround it are muddy and unfocused; the only thing clear about them is the uncited, writhing assertion that the quotes 'convinced' an unnamed 'some'.Anarchangel (talk) , 13 April 2009 (UTC) The "idiot" quote is clearly about Oppenheimer lying to agents, something he admits to doing.The section is furthermore, arguably an unbalanced amount of detail that heaps high a Erich Von Daniken-esque pile of circumstantial evidence for Op being involved in radical politics. The FBI file bits should be removed—they are not reliable and are of a very circumstantial, poorly-sourced nature (KGB file says that some CP member claimed Oppenheimer as a member....there are a lot of factual jumps there, a lot of reasons for every part of that to be suspect).

Also, BTW Feynman during his life turned down much more lucritive teaching jobs at other universities, simply because he liked California and the warm. Feynman did not go to Berkeley, so he may have felt snubbed, but the teaching reasons seem more likely.

I would like to know what the general policy on this issue is.--Jrm2007 (talk) , 9 August 2008 (UTC) The policy is that we don't do bio info on people whose main claim to notablity is relationships to the notable (royalty being the nearest to exception).

There's more info about Toni Oppenheimer in the article because she's not living, but Peter is a living person subject to BLP policy, who obviously values his privacy (there is relatively little about him even in the most recent Oppenheimer bio). In this section it says: "During his hearing, Oppenheimer testified willingly on the left-wing behavior of many of his scientific colleagues.

Cornell University historian Richard Polenberg has speculated that if Oppenheimer's clearance had not been stripped (it would have expired in a matter of days anyhow, as he knew while testifying), he would have been remembered as someone who had "named names" to save his own reputation." It's not clear what this is based on.

I've just been through Priscilla Mc Millan's detailed account of the hearings and find nothing related to this at all. If so, a quotation and page reference would clear the matter up.

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