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The Psychological Warfare Division Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force – An Account of its operations in the Western European Campaign 1944 – 1945 gives some of the total numbers in regard to WWII leaflets: The largest single operation of PWD/SHAEF against the enemy was in the field of leaflets.

Largest, that is, in terms of continuing day-by-day tasks and in day-by-day production of materials.

Air-to-ground delivery uses leaflet bombs, fused packages, loose airdrop by hand, static line box or bomb (high altitude), and balloons.

Even the adventure comic books understand the value and importance of leaflets. ROCK issue of June 1967 features a Vietnam War story entitled “ Paper Bullets.” The story tells the story of a lieutenant who drops leaflets but does not understand their importance.

Operation Aspidistra: Propaganda radio on German frequencies giving false orders and news reports to cause chaos among the people and government.

published a 1950 booklet entitled The Value of Propaganda Leaflets Disseminated by Aircraft. Yarnold and Jean Marie Dady attempted to evaluate the leaflets dropped by aircraft in northwest Words are Weapons During WWII there were some commands, both on the ground and in the air that thought leaflets were a waste of time and energy.

At the end of the story he is surrounded by Viet Cong, and then rescued by South Vietnamese farmers who have read his leaflets and decided to fight for their freedom.

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The three methods of dissemination are surface delivery, ground-to-ground delivery, and air-to-ground delivery.

In this article, we will take a brief look at each medium used to distribute PSYOP printed materials, and illustrate and discuss some selected methods of dissemination and military operations.

Printed matter is used in all types of operations and in all intensities of warfare.

A total of approximately 5,997,000,000 leaflets were distributed over the Continent by aircraft based in the Operation Huguenot: An attempt to convince the German High Command that Luftwaffe pilots were deserting to the Allies with their aircraft.

Operation Nest Egg: The use of psychological warfare to cause the German garrisons on the British .

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