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Email [email protected] you didn't receive the email or if you have questions. ~Sericea & Rook The big problem with this plan is that Thorne has no idea where the other island exists.Not only that, but if he and Sericea end up out in the open when the sun rises, the two Ancient Children would end up very dead.Trade is required between the Islands of Midnight and Dreams and the far Western Keys, where elves, humans, and other races have built their homes.Deep below Island of the Dreams is Vvrock'uvin, the drow City of Wicked Pleasure, where each day is a fight for dominance and survival within the wicked, matriarchal society of dark elves.Note: The Island Saga will be an ongoing publication made up from the chat buffers of Sericea and my role plays.A few changes have been made to clean up redundancies and typos, but for the most part what you read here is what we wrote.

Those who have blood tainted by animals are useless to the vampires, demons and devils.As the putrid muck of city life squishes between his toes, it stings the open scrapes that the uneven rocks have sundered.His heart thunders, drowned out only by his breath, heavy and hard with each footfall forward.The young drow runs, as far and as fast as his feet can take him.Sandals were lost long ago, along with any logical recognition of where he is running.

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