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It doesnt matter, a left turn or right, each one is taken without thought.The well worn cobblestones are violent on feet without protection.Our hope is that you find it as entertaining as we do.Keep in mind that the topics can be very mature, including depictions of blood and lifestyles that some might not approve.

His heart thunders, drowned out only by his breath, heavy and hard with each footfall forward.A lush, tropical sea port, Midnight Isle appears to be an island paradise, an emerald jewel, thought all is not what it seems.Lost souls often find themselves deposited in the jungles or the on the beach, plucked from their home worlds and abandoned on the island to find a new life.If you find such things distasteful, don't read it.For previous chapters, check out The Island Saga *The jungles of Midnight Isle hum with wild energy created by the sway of the tropical leaves and the music of exotic birds.

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