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90% of the beneficiaries of AMC are from families belonging to the lower income group.The Association For The Mentally Challenged (AMC) is theoldest registered charitable organization dedicated in enhancing the lives of the intellectually challenged persons in Karnataka and second national level institution serving this group of citizens of the country.To continue these activities, AMC needs support and help.Registered nurse Donna Scrivo, 60, was arraigned Monday in Macomb County court and charged with mutilating and illegally removing her 32-year-old son Ramsay's corpse.An IQ of less than 70 supports a diagnosis into one of the four categories of intellectual disability: mild, moderate, severe or profound.Although an IQ score plays a large role in qualifying someone as intellectually disabled or challenged, there are other significant symptoms to consider.The profoundly intellectually disabled are unable to communicate.Physical symptoms dependent upon the severity of the intellectual disability.

The majority who work favor independent living over group or supervised living situations.

We are still working diligently on a murder investigation at this time,' St Clair Interim Police Chief Todd Woodcox said in a news conference. We charged what we could.''I knew that she loved Ramsey a lot; she really did.

She doted on him, you know, like all mothers do with their sons,' Mrs Odren told CBS Detroit.

Today AMC is supporting about 170 children, adolescents and adults.

AMC has been lending its services free of charge to benefit the intellectually challenged coming from the weaker sections of the society.

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