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" I wanna do you in the shower." She had whispered in the ear."Please, fuck me in the shower, big b*****r." She cooed.Meanwhile Monica's panties were down around her ankles and she writhed around as she pumped a huge vibrator in and out of her cunt.Justin's nine-inch cock stirred to life and started to strain against his jeans.Justin had come home for the summer to spend a little time with his younger s****r, but somewhere along the line, things changed. "Or maybe we should just hop in the shower together." "Really? "Shoot, fuck it, whatever." Megan remembered them taking off each other's clothes before jumping in the shower together. I said we could take one together..." Megan's voice trailed off.And much to her dismay, she couldn't remember a damn thing after that. "Nothing." Justin lied without turning to look at her. We just..just went to sl**p." Justin said, starting to walk upstairs again. "Megan, nothing happened." Justin turned and looked at her, and the second he did he regretted it. She was wearing a low-cut tanktop with no bra and a pair of sweatpants that hung loosely around her waist, showing her black thong underwear.Learn more, including about available controls: Cookies Policy.

Justin's jaw dropped as he saw they were watching a very hardcore lesbian porno, like it was just another movie.

Why was she having the thoughts she was about her b*****r? Of course, being b*****r and s****r, they split a hotel room. "Let me jump in the shower first." Megan said, a d***ken slur in her voice.

Megan had recently graduated high school and was taking a year off before heading to UCLA, the same school her big b*****r Justin went to. After a night of drinking, both returned to their hotel room, completely plastered. Megan couldn't remember much, but she could remember what she said.

Justin merely nodded in his d***ken state, the last of his consciousness buried deep within the shots he had taken.

He unbutton her blouse while Megan tugged as his pants as they stumbled backwards into the small hotel bathroom.

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