Mass updating sql database

For example, if you had a script or other text file for processing in Another aspect of asynchronous execution is that, at the end of API call, the attachment's activity might be cancelled or it might not. The asynchronicity also means that returned status vector will almost always return Thread A: fb_cancel_operation(isc_status, &DB, fb_cancel_enable); isc_dsql_execute_immediate(isc_status, &DB, &TR, 0, "long running statement", 3, NULL); // waits for API call to finish...Thread B: fb_cancel_operation(local_status, &DB, fb_cancel_raise); Thread A: if (isc_status[1]) isc_print_status(isc_status); // will print "operation was cancelled" typedef int (*FB_SHUTDOWN_CALLBACK)(const int reason, const int mask, void* arg); int fb_shutdown(unsigned int timeout, const int reason); ISC_STATUS fb_shutdown_callback(ISC_STATUS* status_vector, FB_SHUTDOWN_CALLBACK callback_function, const int mask, void* arg); performs a smart shutdown of various Firebird subsystems (y Valve, engine, redirector).

Tracker reference CORE-1687 Previous 64-bit Firebird server versions could not benefit from 64-bit address space and be configured for more than 2 GB (16K * 128 K)of database cache. On 64-bit Firebird, if the resources are available, it is now possible to configure cache large enough to accommodate a database of 5-10 GB completely in RAM .The Y-valve handles the path resolution in these cases, just as it ever did.For a stand-alone server working via the remote subsystem, trying to connect using the database file name with no path, although unlikely, is not recommended, since there is not really any way to be certain where the database would “ Tracker reference CORE-1937.It was primarily designed for use by the internal engine, since it is only applicable to the current process.It is exposed by the API for its possible usefulness to user applications in the embedded server environment.

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