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South Carolina’s former first lady Jenny Sanford announced she was engaged on Tuesday through social media.

In an Instagram post, Sanford posted a picture with the caption, “yes.” Her post was flooded with congratulatory comments from her followers and friends.

In the annals of political history, there are plenty of wronged wives who have taken one for the team, stood by their husbands, and asked forgiveness on their behalves.

Melania Trump did her part Monday, sitting for an interview with Anderson Cooper to answer questions about a video of her husband talking about forcibly groping and kissing women and accusations of the same from at least nine women.

Watching a wife defend her husband’s infidelity, or worse, was cringeworthy when Silda Wall Spitzer did it for Eliot Spitzer, when Huma Abedin did it for Anthony Weiner, when Jenny Sanford did it for Mark Sanford, even when Julianna Margulies did it in character as Alicia Florrick, the star of The Good Wife. A primetime CNN package also highlighted Clinton, Spitzer, Abedin, and again, Sanford. Jenny Sanford didn’t “stand by her man.” When that cast of political wives went New Testament, she went Old.

Jenny Sanford was the wife and longtime campaign manager of Rep.

Their divorce terms said he shouldn’t be there without permission.

And b) the truth is they’re not at the press conference or the awkward interview to stand in for the sinner, but to stand in for the forgiver.

Voters look for cues from the wives of politicians to determine whether they should go Old or New Testament on these men.

The pretty clear subtext was: “I’m here for our marriage and our family, not for your career.” The two were on a trial separation several weeks before the story broke.

Jenny had asked him to leave their home because of the affair. I’m always one to root for marriages, so I don’t begrudge women the decisions they make to try to save them.

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