Male frustrations with dating

Do Black men who are both single and heterosexual face challenges in today’s dating scene? In the bigger picture, I would argue that a good percentage of ALL single heterosexual men face a variety of challenges in today’s 21st Century dating scene.

This truth heavily contributed to why I wrote my book, .

Then, for the next few months up until earlier this year, Ali took it upon himself to perform in the role as an ‘informal promotional agent’ for me, constantly endorsing, promoting, and recommending at least three of my books ( I decided to separate myself from Brother Ali. What I have decided to do for the remainder of the article is use a variety of fictional characters played the exact same actor: Legendary feature-film comedic actor, Eddie Murphy.

I wrote him an Email message letting him know that I frowned on the comment he made referencing Rodger, and then I asked him respectfully to no longer mention my name, or the titles of my books, on his future podcasts on You Tube. Ali has now gone back full circle to his original criticism of me (and also other Black male dating coaches). Initially, I was going to use fictional characters played by different actors, but I did not want my readers to respond with, “Well, that actor is obviously more handsome and/or more popular with female moviegoers than the other actor” or some similar complaint.

What specific challenges did Marcus Graham face with women, and in particular Black women, in the modern-day dating scene?

Graham’s problem was that despite being a successful womanizer …

Does Obsidian’s podcasting commentary speak to and resonate with the “Marcus Graham” types of society? Obsidian’s commentary rarely focuses on the challenges, disappointments, and frustrations of men who are certified ladies’ men and prolific womanizers …

Does Obsidian’s podcasting commentary speak to and resonate with the “Buddy Love” types of society? unless he is directly borrowing talking points from my book, to accompany the audiobook version) encourages men who may be “Buddy Love” types to verbally communicate to all of their female sex partners in an upfront and straightforwardly honest manner that their true interest centers on short-term and/or non-monogamous ‘casual’ sex rather than a desire to enter into a long-term, emotionally profound, strictly monogamous romantic relationship with women.

, you will recall that the character of the well-to-do, highly successful, confident and smooth-talking Marcus Graham who had a reputation among his close male friends for always getting attractive women to engage in a few hours, a few days, a few weeks, or a few months of casual sex fun with him.

especially if he considers them good-looking and they are college-educated. This is the category of men that Murphy’s fictional character of Marcus Graham would most validly fall into.

Obsidian refers to these type of Black men as “the respectable brothers.” Obsidian asserts that ‘respectable brothers’ are afraid to openly and publicly offer harsh criticisms of Black women’s foul and undesirable behavior. These are men who have the looks, personality, and seductive charm to be players and womanizers indefinitely …

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