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I no longer use the College Park GA club because while going to an 9a class, I noticed auto glass in 8 different parking spaces and again no security.I hope you will show some concern regarding your members and their safety. This message is for management or someone who WILL make changes to the Bulverde Road location in San Antonio, TX please. I’m in medical/lipo sales and have been in sales all my 20 working years.You’re a disgusting unethical money hungry company. Reply Your gym in naplea Florida needs some serious attention and new management.I have learned to put up with the rude staff as I really don’t need anything from them—they don’t greet you when you walk in and in times we have had a complaint they do nothing..Tagged as: LA Fitness address, LA Fitness complaint desk, LA Fitness complaints, la fitness corporate address, LA Fitness corporate office headquarters, LA Fitness customer complaints, la fitness headquarters, LA Fitness home office, la fitness main office, LA Fitness office address, LA Fitness office email, LA Fitness office fax, LA Fitness office phone, LA Fitness office phone number [email protected] April 3, 2018 at am at the Camp Creek Location in Atlanta, GA, I had a man almost attack me in the parking lot, as I went to my morning workout.Usually there are Security in the parking lot with their lights flashing.

I purchased my membership back in Southern California, when it was Bally’s.I immediately went inside the club and asked the workers to contact the police. I’m very fortunate that nothing happened to me this morning.However, it is clear that you need security on the premises for your members who use the club in the times when the sun is not out.I shopped around to choose the BEST gym for my money.Clearly Bally’s/LA Fitness was it, so it was a no brainer for me!

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