List configuration options available updating os windows 7

Configuration management is one of today's most popular buzzwords.

But like many of these terms you hear thrown around in meetings, you may not know exactly what it means.

The capability to install or even create different modules makes this one of the most customizable configuration management options.

Puppet started out as a Dev Ops tool, but has become popular as a configuration management tool as well.

Much like Chef, it's also written in Ruby and available in both free open source and paid enterprise versions.

It involves making a detailed recording of the information about the computer system and updating it as needed.It now comes standard with Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2.DSC enables system administrators to easily manage files, directories, registry settings, and user accounts.Configuration management software makes it easy for a system administrator to see what programs are installed and when upgrades might be necessary.For example, if a user needs to run certain programs that are incompatible with the newest operating system, the system administrator would note this when looking at the record for that user's computer, and he'd know not to upgrade the OS.

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