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There are or at least were a lot of shops in Sinchon, but I couldn’t find any during my last visit.With a very short trip I didn’t have a lot of time to explore.This should help some of the readers who have had trouble locating places in the past. Walk a few meters and look for the Dunkin Donuts shop on your right.This kiss bang is on the third floor of that building.I have also been to a kiss bang near Sincheon station that finished the session with a nice hand job and one more around Hongik University that finished with me jacking myself off while my temporary date tongued my mouth out.Unfortunately both of these places seem to be long gone.

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The price is 40,000 won ( US) for 30 minutes or 70,000 ( US) won for an hour.

E olhem que máximo, e que coincidência, haviam duas brasileiras na loja que me contaram que só descobriram que havia essa loja aqui em Orlando depois de pesquisar muito, e achar o post que eu fiz aqui no blog, elas já haviam comprado na loja de New York.

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You’ll head back to the restroom to brush again and then your mini-vacation is over.

Appointments are sold in blocks of time, like 20 minute, 30 minute and 1 hour sessions.

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