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So it’s the perfect time to learn how to receive “perceived” rejection (and I will explain why I use the word “perceived”) in a way that brings you more peace rather than more pain.

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase, “Rejection is God’s protection.” I believe this to be true, but like most clichés when recited to us in the midst of a big blow, it may sound more annoying than immediately comforting.

Online dating over 50 is a petri dish for weird behaviors, a lot of it kind of fascinating.

I wish i could tell you why these guys wink, like, and then ignore your emails.

For 20 years or so huge numbers of us have been seeking to meet in this way, and there are now.

Living in the blue mountains town of katoomba at the time, had apparently submitted a poetry sample to the bookseller. I was 21 and in no way looking for anything serious.

An ex who doesn't live near me anymore gets a new girlfriend? I'm an expert at both self-flagellation and drama, and this wild sensitivity to rejection makes me particularly fearful of being the rejector.

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As a firm believer that stringing someone along is far more cruel than ending things concretely, I propose we all at least send a text to end a relationship next time we want to fade away.Feel your feelings without judgment or analysis so they can move up and out rather than suppressing them.Sometimes we experience things that feel hurtful because our soul is yearning to learn how to be compassionate toward ourselves and break patterns of feeling punished or victimized.First it’s important to just surrender to the fact that rejection does not feel good.A lot of self-help advice is geared toward feeling better quickly and sometimes that is not always possible. Give yourself permission to express those feelings in a healthy way such as journaling, speaking to a coach/counselor/mentor, taking it out in a kickboxing class or having a good cry.

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