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And just a reminder - all meetings (including GC) are suspended until after the election. Meeting 12a High View Parade, Woodford Avenue, IG4 5EP (a 12 min walk from Gants Hill stn on the Central Line).

Turn up and say you're from West Ham and they'll be very pleased to see you (and look after you if you haven't campaigned before).

I was a good student and I had a lot of friends.17: A big part of this movie is finding that perfect prom date.

TM: The truth is, I don't really have a type of girl.

It may have taken 500 attempts to clear some of these stages but we’ve completed them all and are excited to share our top picks! This one goes to “The Keeper of The Forest” stage by Anton G. Our fingers became basically defunct once we finally cleared it. Before closing, we also have some runner-ups in each category that we think deserve honorable mention: First runner-up was Len’s stage named “YJF Printer: Yeah, Jam, and Fury”, a strong candidate for the Yeah League.

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Try out the free online demo right in the browser, or purchase today on Steam!

I am member of the UNISON NEC for Community (All UK Housing Associations & the Voluntary sector) and a Labour Councillor for West Ham ward in Newham, London.

Centre left and proud member of Labour movement family.

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

It’s been an exciting past couple of weeks judging your submissions, and we’re finally ready to announce the winners of our Stage Builder Contest for Yeah Jam Fury! This gnarly award goes to Drarky’s stage named “I miss the old pogo SFX” (sorry dude, perhaps a future DLC? This stage pushed our coordination skills to the limits by requiring extremely precise reaction time and control. After calming down and thinking critically about the situation we managed to finally snag that mango. All three winners of these categories will be receiving a 0 Amazon e Gift Card, a Steam Key for the game, copies of our soundtracks, as well as this poster of a real mango: Mango Poster Congratulations you three!

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