Kc montero and rhian ramos exclusively dating

Reblogged By: De De Tillman Source: ph.celebrity.yahoo Posted: Saturday February 22, 2014 @ p.m PST Kapamilya actress Kaye Abad revealed during the February 21 episode of “Kris TV” that she has broken up with longtime boyfriend Guji Lorenzana.She did not delve into details, but shared that she isn’t seeing someone new.The 23-year-old Kapuso actress is confident that everything will go well now that she is slowly returning to the circulation.She currently appears regularly on the GMA Telebabad series ‘Indio,’ where she portrays the role of ‘diwata.’ But Ramos emphasized that she not yet forgotten the controversy that dragged her name before the end of 2011.

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To psychologists’ opinion, in spring a human’s organism starts waking from its winter sleep activating all its resources, including hormonal and sexual ones.Girls in Odessa have nothing against flirting in a public transport.MANILA, Philippines - KC Montero has been enjoying his relationship with actress Rhian Ramos so much that he can't account how long they've been exclusively going out.''I don't know, e,'' he candidly admitted in a PEP article, simply reasoning that ''you don't count those things when you're having fun.''Montero admitted that everything's coming up roses now particularly with Mo Twister -- Ramos' ex-boyfriend with whom he was best buddies prior -- no longer bothering them with tweets.''Wala, wala. But not that it would have weighed much as the 34-year old Filipino-American insists, ''It doesn't really matter what anybody says [about us].''If anything, he is only concerned about the opinion of Ramos' parents who are quite supportive of them.''It's very nice to have the support of her family,'' Montero intimated.''More than anything else, you have to save for the future.''Then again, it's not as if money is a big deal in their relationship.''Money is nothing really to us.Rhian Ramos said she is finally recovering from the trauma brought about by the nasty controversies that hounded her a couple of years ago.

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